Student Council Executive President

SEDIKA ESI KWENUAH is a Second-Year Student, studying FASHION DESIGN. With excellent teamwork, leadership and operational skills at her disposal, Sedika has been instrumental across various facets of the TADS Community, and has made a positive impact wherever she has worked. With deep ties to her faith, she demonstrates unwavering optimism in the face of challenges, making her a frequent point of reference for many on campus, whom she welcomes with open arms. Representing TADS FASHION INSITUTE on various fronts through forums, exclusive interviews and professional engagement with different stakeholder groups, Sedika has embraced the TADS vision, exhibiting the three pillars of TADS in its entirety.


Student Council Executive Vice President

IFUNANYA TOCHUKWU OBIKA is a NIGERIAN by birth and a level two hundred, third semester fashion design major who has actively served the TADS Community in various roles. IFE has worked as a HEAD OF FINANCE FOR THE STUDENTS COUNCIL EXECUTIVES for the year of 2022, as a major contributor to our TADSTALK, and also the coordinator to all our official events. IFE is a firm believer in making strong and healthy connections while creating an environment where people feel welcome and included. As such, you can always find her making new friends and having a conversation with her peers all over campus. In the very near future, IFE hopes to venture into the INTERNATIONAL MALE FASHION MARKET, as a FASHION DESIGNER where she can serve her NIGERIAN CREATIVE TRADITION to the outside world.

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